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Rio Grande Regional Hospital invests $12M in San Juan

The San Juan Economic Development Corporation, along with the city of San Juan, welcomes Rio Grande Regional Hospital’s newest 24-Hour Emergency Care Center to the city of San Juan.
Dozens of people attended the hospital’s groundbreaking ceremony Wednesday morning, including San Juan Mayor Pro-Tem Pete Garcia, San Juan Commissioner Ernesto Guajardo, San Juan Commissioner Lenny Sanchez, San Juan EDC Board Secretary Cynthia Gutierrez, San Juan City Manager Ben Arjona and San Juan Economic Development Corporation (EDC) Director Rene Villarreal.
The hospital’s administration and board of directors were also present, including Brett Stock, Administrator, Emergency Services, Kathy Dassler, Chief Nursing Officer, Matt Wolthoff, Chief Operating Officer, David Irizarry, Assistant Administrator, Cris Rivera, Chief Executive Officer, Chuck Mallon, Chief Financial Officer, Irma Garza, Rio Grande Regional Hospital Board of Trustee Member.
Rio Grande Regional Hospital will bring a total investment of about $12 million to the city of San Juan, and it will be located near the southeast corner of Nebraska Road and the I-2 Interstate Highway.
“We are very excited about this project along our expressway corridor,” Villarreal said. “This is the tip of the iceberg for what’s coming to San Juan in 2019.”